Coin Buyer in Houston

Looking for a coin buyer in Houston? Lone Star Gold Exchange offers a huge range of options for you when it comes to your coin collection. Not only are we a major Coin Buyer in Houston we also offer low interest loans on your coin collection if you are not ready to part with it. Sometimes you just need a little cash for an unforseen emergency. Why part with your coin collection when we can loan you money on it. Bring your collection in and get a low interest 60 day loan on your coin collection and once you pay off the loan you get your collection back!! We also buy and loan on gold and silver coins and bars. If you need a little help you again can get a loan on your gold and silver bullion and get it back. This gives you an option if you are not ready to part with your gold and silver. We are coin collectors ourselves and understand how hard it is to part with your coin collection. 

Coin and Note Items we Buy and Loan on

  • Gold and Silver Bars
  • 1964 and Before Quarters, Dimes and Half Dollars
  • Coin Collections
  • Peace Dollars and Morgan Dollars
  • Pre-1933 American Gold Coins
  • Gold, Platinum and Silver American Eagles
  • Gold amd Silver South AfricanKrugerrands
  • Gold and Silver Chinese Pandas
  • Gold and Silver Canadians Maples
  • Gold and Silver  Australian Kangaroos and Koalas
  • Gold and Silver Mexican Pesos
  •  Gold French Francs
  • U.S. Mint and Proof Sets
  • U.S. Commerative Sets
  • English Gold and Silver Sovereigns
  • Gold and Silver Austria Philharmoics
  • PAMP Gold and Silver bars
  • Credit Suisse Gold and Silver Bars
  • Generic Silver Rounds
  • Gold and Silver Geiger Bars
  • U.S. Large Bank Notes
  • U.S. Silver and Gold Notes
  • U.S. Confederate Notes